New Year’s Eve-Olution


More than two decades of New Year’s Eves — span­ning shenani­gans and et cetera — and I can’t really remem­ber any one in par­tic­u­lar. I bore wit­ness to the new mil­len­nium, except I can’t quite say where or what I saw. The most recent are more dis­cernible, but even those details are a bit foggy. Not likely from age and only partly due to ine­bri­a­tion; for all the plan­ning, the dry-cleaning, the buildup and the count­down, res­o­lu­tions and 12 o’clock kisses shared and missed, it would seem that if each new year were a race, we make a point to daw­dle and linger at the start.

What did you do in 2007? In 2008? 1996?

I like to party. I like to dress up and I like to drink cham­pagne. I know in past years I’ve had fun, I just don’t think I could tell you which years they were.

We set out with goals. We want to lose weight, travel more, spend less, get over an old love, find a new one. We com­mit our­selves to the idea that this year will be dif­fer­ent and bet­ter than the last. Admit­tedly, I’m one of those people.

What’s changed is I’ve real­ized they aren’t often memorable.

Maybe it’s age, maybe expe­ri­ence or maybe just the nat­ural evo­lu­tion of things. If we’re to start a new year with a bang, like the crack of a starter’s pis­tol, it would seem to me that we have to focus on the race, the next 365 steps, not linger in a limbo between the year before and the year to come. And maybe that’s the point. Maybe each New Year’s Eve is sup­posed to mesh and blend and dis­ap­pear with the oth­ers and the fol­low­ing day, every­one starts at 1.

Rest assured, this is not the sort of thing where one is encour­aged to sprint to the fin­ish line of each year, eager to begin anew. Like any ath­lete will say, more often than not it’s more impor­tant to do your best and have a great time.

  • Patrice

    So true.…..thanks for paus­ing to remind me to enjoy and move forward!

  • Katie Jo

    wise words young man…oh, and nice threads =)

  • Mark W.

    Great post. Great get-up.

    But what hap­pened to your head?! :)

  • Kelsey Schnell

    Thanks Mom, Katie Jo and Mark W — unfriendly light­ing on my bouffant.

  • GPM

    Thought­ful com­ments. New Year’s Eve has never been a favorite time for me. Too many ama­teurs mak­ing more out of it than it rightly deserves. In north­ern Michi­gan, how­ever, a spe­cial moment occurs each win­ter. It is that day, in March usu­ally, when I walk out­side and, no mat­ter the weather or tem­per­a­ture, I know that win­ter is over. I can feel it in the air and I smile. Peo­ple who live in warm climes will never under­stand how spe­cial that moment is.