New Year’s Eve-olution

More than two decades of New Year’s Eves – spanning shenanigans and et cetera – and I can’t really remember any one in particular. I bore witness to the new millennium, except I can’t quite say where or what I saw. The most recent are more discernible, but even those details are a bit foggy. Not likely from age and only partly due to inebriation; for all the planning, the dry-cleaning, the buildup and the countdown, resolutions and 12 o’clock kisses shared and missed, it would seem that if each new year were a race, we make a point to dawdle and linger at the start.

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Motor City to Motor-less City: I Moved to Mackinac Island

After working and living in Metro Detroit for just under a year-and-a-half, I’ve recently moved five hours, or 280-some miles, north — to Mackinac Island.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Mackinac Island is an island just under four-square-miles in Lake Huron. It was the U.S.A’s second National Park (Yellowstone was the first), it produces fudge as often as many of us breath in and out in a day and it is replete with horses and bicycles… because on Mackinac Island there are no cars.

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