You Should Drink More Whiskey

It’s nothing personal. I just think you should have a little more whiskey in your life. If you don’t have any right now, well, then a little shouldn’t be too much to ask.

With whiskey, it’s like asking for delicious agony. Like a connoisseur of anything fine, drinking whiskey is more than just how it lands and forces an initial and instinctive contortion of your tongue. It’s about the sound when the ice cubes crack. It’s about the weight of the glass, heavy on the bottom and smooth around the rim, almost slippery. The distortion of the image on the other side as one peers through the liquid and the ice has just barely melted making small swirls with refracted light.

Drinking whiskey (not whiskey and cola or whiskey and sour mix, just whiskey) is like exercise. It burns a little if you haven’t done it for a while. A few reps from the standard bar surface to lips and one grows to appreciate that burn, yearn for it. Not compulsively or as an addiction, but like an individual yearns for someone they care about, an old friend.

And whiskey is a drink of honor. So much so, men assign their name to it and we call it by those names. Jack Daniels, Jameson, Johnnie Walker and the rest of these honorable men wanted you to call them by the name their close friends called them, because you are friends. In good times and bad, whiskey is your friend. These men are ready to be requested, “Johnnie Walker Black, make it a double, please.”

These men are there to celebrate your success during a toast and to listen to you when it’s been one of those days. Likewise, they are there just whenever. If the game is on, the barbecue needs lighting, a family party needs attending or snow is falling outside, whiskey wants to be there.

You should drink more whiskey. It might be a little bit personal. But all you need is a little bit.

With profound sincerity, please enjoy whiskey, and all other drinks, responsibly.