Starting a New Trend, As We Speak

We have a developed into a society in a hurry. We’ve created ways to connect and share in nearly live and seamless fashion. We demand high transfer rates both from technology and from human beings.

But, there is a gaping hole where transfer speed and the description of that speed in a timely manner has been ignored or neglected.

Either that, or I’m so fast I’m actually seeing into the future.

When something is happening this very moment, it isn’t uncommon to say it’s happening, “as we speak”. It’s a common phrase denoting the speed and timeliness of something occurring. Sure, it’s only three syllables, but so is “laugh out loud”, “be right back” and “got to go”. All abbreviated for time saving simplicity as “lol” “brb” “g2g”. For this reason, I believe that we should adopt the use of “aws” to represent “as we speak”.

The applications are already handy in chiefly electronic personal communication.

In a text between two people:

Person 1: “Are you on your way to the office yet?”

Person 2: “I’m walking through the door aws.”

It’s time that we embrace things that are happening while we are talking about them. I don’t know who first loled, but I do know that there is a place in this world for aws.