200 Years On

Too often we take for granted the benefits of modern living. To say the least, life 200 years ago would have been pretty bothersome.

I’ve compiled a list of certain particularly frustrating…well… you’ll see.

The Weather: Hot days or colds days; doesn’t matter. You don’t know what the weather is going to be like, save for something like the day before. Wear your more breathable wool garments on the warmer days.

Dental Hygiene: The guy that cuts your hair also performed minor surgery, including extracting rotten teeth. Sadly, no free toothbrushes.  Expect morning breath to last all day.

The Internet: Slightly slower than dial-up.

Travel: Horse if you’re lucky. Boat when you run out of land. Think of it like the Oregon Trail computer game, but less “Aww shucks” when you and your caravan die of dysentery. Also, less computer game-ish.

Sports: Not dying in a farming accident.

Going to the Bathroom: Shoes required before anything can happen.

Being a Witch: 200 years ago you had to live in a cave in secret. Today, completely accepted in public at movie theaters and Comic Con.

Clothing: Wool. Lingerie unlikely to be as exciting.

Bathing: What?

Entertainment: See sports. Also, not contracting Cholera.

Breaking News: Grandma died… six months ago. Took that long for the letter to get here.

Love: “You seem healthy enough to bear an adequate number of children to operate our farm, despite the anticipated farming related deaths.” (See Sports)

Gosh, the future (present) is awesome!

Think of something that was a total bummer a double-century ago? Post it as a comment.

*Author’s Note: This information isn’t completely historically accurate, but it’s real darn close. Lay off, Professor.