Great Lakes Periodontics

A long-established periodontics practice in west Michigan was looking to update their look and language to appeal to patients and referring doctors in the area. Most specialist practices are dependent on the reputation of the doctor providing treatment, but the scale of Great Lakes Periodontics was such that, even with a single doctor, patients would often interact with multiple team members throughout their treatment.

Additionally, the advanced technology and skillsets of the practice made it a destination for many coming in from a considerable distance. With a specialty in implant dentistry and laser treatments, the office was more than just a place to receive care, but an experience.

Known throughout the inner-circles of the dental community not at Great Lakes Perio, but as GLP, we opted to lean into that, while repeating it for the patients, SEO, and to reduce any confusion with other acronyms. The lighthouse in the center is an interpretation of a dental implant screw while the beacon of light at the top represents the laser burst used in the treatment.

Once the brand was established and implemented, we began development of a new website with photography, videography, copywriting, and simplified navigation.

The content in particular was targeted to new patients to ensure their first impression of the practice instilled confidence and reassurance. We continually emphasized the practice and Dr. Papp as a leader in the field with a long-established practice, and technological resources that were unparalleled.

By nature of this being a specialty, the majority of the patients are referred by other general dentists. As such, ease of patient referral was paramount in the form of both printed paper pads, and with a direct link through the website for referral information. Reminders outside of the office, like the golf towels pictured below, served to keep GLP at top of mind, no matter the activity.

Skills Utilized

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • UX/UD
  • Copy Writing
  • Content Development
  • Photography/Videography
  • Project Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Print Management
  • SEO