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  • George Washington Vs. The Future

    George Washington Vs. The Future

    Aside from inventing freedom and making wooden teeth cool (again), George Washington’s role in shaping our day-to-day lives is beyond measure. But, I fear our nation’s first president’s prevalence and relevance in daily life may be slipping. It’s a matter of George Washington and the future. One of them has conquered the Delaware River, the […]

  • When Sparrows Play Chicken

    When Sparrows Play Chicken

    I think it’s clear that I am not a taker of risks. I am calculated without a grasp for math and as dangerous as a well-caged hamster. And the likelihood that I will ever challenge a friend or enemy to a game of chicken to the death is inexcitably low.

  • Detroit’s Legacy, Hockeytown’s Tradition: Octopus on the Rocks

    Detroit’s Legacy, Hockeytown’s Tradition: Octopus on the Rocks

    Ten months out of the year, an octopus should be in an aquarium or in the ocean. But, from mid-April to mid-June, an octopus deserves to be on ice.

  • What Qualifies as Domestic

    What Qualifies as Domestic

    This actually happened “Hey guys. We’ve got a special during the Pistons and Red Wings games. Pints of domestic beers are a buck-fifty,” she says. “Cool,” I say. “Domestic? Umm…” I look over at the line of taps, trying to make an educated guess at the ornate handles, “I’ll have a Sam Adams, please.” I […]

  • A Cluster of a Birthday

    A Cluster of a Birthday

    As we (more importantly I) get older, there are certain activities that stand the test of time while others fade and morph and otherwise vanish. I’m 23-years-old today. I have a soul patch, but I have gray hair. I drive a new car, but wear old shoes. I eat cereal from boxes without prizes in […]

  • The Dream is Worth the Dollar

    The Dream is Worth the Dollar

    I haven’t won the lottery yet. I have a 1 in 100 million some odd chance of bringing home anything bigger than a $2 prize. But I like to dream about what I would do with a million, with a few hundred million — the only time the word “jackpot” is as fun to say […]

  • The Funniest Guys I Know

    The Funniest Guys I Know

    I grew up with a group of friends that were funny. All of them. No one more than the other, all of them were the funniest.

  • Flip the Switch

    Flip the Switch

    If you have a switch, I can flip it. You should consider that light as good as turned on. When it comes to illuminating a room, the only thing I do better than flicking from “OFF” to “ON” is yawn or blink. But all of that lighting hinges on one simple requirement:

  • NaNoWriMo: I Wrote a Novel

    NaNoWriMo: I Wrote a Novel

    For those of you just joining us a scant five weeks behind schedule, I highly suggest you spend a bit of time reading this before continuing below. It’s been 30 days and I’ve come out the other side with a greater understanding of knuckle fatigue and time-management. Also, I wrote a novel.

  • NaNoWriMo: I’m Writing a Novel

    NaNoWriMo: I’m Writing a Novel

    Some people challenge themselves by training for a  year and then run a marathon. Some may rebuild a car engine, learn a new language or start a small business. The reward is inherent in that challenge and in an effort to maintain my personal nerdiness, avoid undue strain on my knees and keep my hands […]

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