The Funniest Guys I Know

I grew up with a group of friends that were funny. All of them. No one more than the other, all of them were the funniest.

And not in the same way. Not funny in the same way, at least. One was outrageous, the other, sarcastic. Another almost child-like, or witty or whatever else. Each one of them is the funniest guy I know. (I recognize, of course, that it’s somehow impossible to have multiple people be the funniest as funniest means ‘most funny’… but for the purpose of this post, it makes perfect sense.)

Even the serious moments were short lived, tempered by the next series of laughs. I’m not saying we were funny to anyone but ourselves, (we are) but when you have enough people in on the joke, it isn’t an inside joke anymore… It’s just a normal joke and the harder we laughed, the longer it lasted.

Some people just understand where your humor is going before you get there, but they don’t ruin the punchline. These are the guys that have the next line in the story. The next funnier line.

Ironically, my jokes are never as amusing, except to these guys, the ones who have heard them all before.

I’m sure some have seen it before, but the video above is a showcase of that unintentional personality and humor. It was created as part of a high school history project. The facts are likely less than accurate. Of course, we put the whole thing together the day before it was due and spent more time shooting and editing the video than learning the material. But the result got us an A (at least I think it did. It deserved a B+, minimum)