The Most Convenient Fruit

My typical day includes a generous helping of coffee, 70 miles in a car and a food item that makes life easier.

The most convenient fruit is…

…the banana.

Even at its sweetest, the banana is still bland enough to be paired with both medium and dark roast coffee: the unbalanced part of my incomplete breakfast. (I take mine black)

Bananas are not juicy. One will not likely slurp a banana. Therefore, a napkin is not necessary.

Upon snapping the stem of the banana and quickly instituting a rapid 75 percent removal of the peel, it becomes a single-handed sustenance delivery module. Dedicating my left hand to holding the banana, my right hand can focus on more important tasks like updating my Twitter or checking to see if she texted me today. (She didn’t)

Bananas are motivational. From neighborhood grocer to counter top, their lifespan is only a week at adequate ripeness. I am personally motivated not to waste the $1.19 per pound (roughly $2.36) and make a daily effort to eat them prior to their sepia-hued expiration.

Of course, we all have heard that bananas are high in potassium. That’s good for the muscle tightness I encounter from sitting most of the day. Also, a healthy helping of dietary fiber, protein, Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Folic Acid, among others.

Statistically, bananas are the healthiest fruit, though beaten only narrowly by the cooked plantain, which is really just a baby banana anyway.

But a banana is more than just a healthy  option for the often otherwise ignorant. It’s more than a prop to replace a telephone. A banana is available and ready. A banana exists in  present tense and does not require tools or skill, cleanup or consideration.

A banana, simply, is the most convenient fruit.