The Secret to a Great Hug


It’s fun­da­men­tal, instinc­tive and, when done prop­erly, it feels really good. Call it a hug, an embrace, squeeze or just pull the other per­son in close, but what’s hap­pen­ing is sim­ple in mean­ing and com­plex in style. It’s pos­si­ble to do it poorly, but no one deserves that.

1.) The secret to a great hug, to every hug that is worth get­ting… You have to mean it. My Great Aunt (most won­der­ful woman in the world) taught me  how to hug like I meant it.

2.) When you hold some­one, you put your arms, both of them, all the way around. You pull them close. All of them. Not just their shoul­ders. Because robots do not have human emo­tions, I have drawn some robots to help demon­strate the two most com­mon awful hugs.

The Side Hug | Putting your arms around some­one is part of a great hug. Putting only one arm around them because a full-on hug seems inap­pro­pri­ate is just silly.

The “Ass Out” Hug | This is where two indi­vid­u­als are too timid to “pull the tug­boat to shore” and give a great hug.

3.) You squeeze tight, flex­ing your mus­cles a bit. Let them know you are putting the effort in to it because they are worth the effort.

4.) Hold on longer than you think most hugs should last, like you’re try­ing to stop time and just hang on to the moment as much as you’re hang­ing on to the per­son. When you let go, if you did it right, they can still feel your arms around them. Like you’re still hold­ing on even after you let go.

That’s a great hug. The kind that makes you exhale and maybe sway a lit­tle bit.

Now, I know it seems silly when you just read it on the page here, but try it. You’ll get what I mean.