The Other Drivers are a Bunch of Clowns

The amount of time I spend driving is seldom spent thinking about driving. That’s not to say I’m not paying attention. Driving just creates so many distracting situations.

We’ve all done it. We are driving on a busy highway and we pass another car, but only by one or two more miles per hour. This affords us, the passing vehicle, just enough time to look at the person in the other car. Not a lasting gaze, not enough to pass along any type of message. Sometimes, you will look first. Then, when the other driver turns his or her head, you quickly snap back to focus on the road, not allowing that slowpoke the satisfaction of a glance. Likewise, he or she may sense your stare and already be looking at you when you decide to sneak a glance.

What compels us to peek over there? As if we are going to recognize the person in the other car and start up a conversation, even the next time you see the person without the assistance of the automobile.

“Hey, I saw you!”

“Yeah, I know. I saw you too.”

“Cool. You drive a lot?”

“Look, I have to get going…”

Just as long as both don’t turn their heads at the same time and lock eyes. That’s like crossing the streams. Never cross the streams.

In those sneaky, stolen glances, this is what I see.

Click to enlarge the images. See if you can tell the difference between how I see other drivers and how other drivers see me.


But while we, meaning me, try to avoid those instances, I truly wish there was a better way to flirt while driving. I see runway models every morning, every evening and every mile in between. You can tell they are really, really good looking because they don’t look at me. That’s the giveaway. But, on the off chance one of them looks my way by accident, this is probably what they see.

It's subtle, but distinct.


Of course a polite pick up line is impossible. And there is always the fear that she saw me itching my nose at that stop light and thought I was on the interior rather than the exterior.

The time I spend driving is seldom spent thinking about driving. Sure, I may not being doing much else, but I’m certainly not idling.