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  • Hold Your Tongue and say Apple

    Hold Your Tongue and say Apple

    When Steve Jobs held a press conference on July 16, 2010 to discuss the problems with the iPhone 4’s reception, the MacWorld was looking for answers. What they got was a spanking from a frustrated CEO.

  • Your Utility Bills, Paid in Full

    My four utility bills (electricity, gas, water, cable/internet) come at four different times of the month. My paycheck comes every two weeks. Careful budgeting and frugality have made it possible for payments to be made on time and late fees to be avoided, but as a college student with limited income and seemingly limitless costs […]

  • Different Topics Merit Different Arguments

    The Senate recently approved the motion to begin debate on the healthcare bill. This means that while Senators will be taking turns unanimously consenting to and then unanimously ignoring the statements of their fellow members of Congress, the rest of the country will be complaining about it. I just wanted to take moment to point […]


    For a little over a month I’ve been working on a network for college newspapers across the country to come together, collaborate and critique. I’ve never taken a journalism class. I’ve never taken media marketing, public relations, design or any other course that would serve as a direct connection to the creation of this site. […]