For a little over a month I’ve been working on a network for college newspapers across the country to come together, collaborate and critique.

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I’ve never taken a journalism class. I’ve never taken media marketing, public relations, design or any other course that would serve as a direct connection to the creation of this site. What I’ve been able to learn about newspapers, writing, design and leadership has resulted from work with peers who have balancing strengths and weaknesses. This collaboration is the backbone of the College Newsroom.

Shared solutions to common questions between mutually motivated individuals is what will make college newspapers everywhere better for their readers and the staff.

To put it simply, we can all get by with a little help from our friends.

This not-for-profit venture is continuing to be an interesting and educational experience as everything from web design to social media and networking, two things that I was previously incapable of doing, have become daily occurrences.

While the site is till only functioning at a Beta level right now, the next few weeks should see a more finalized version up and running.

Currently there are around 25 officially registered members on the site, with more anticipated once a heavier emphasis on marketing and getting the word out starts. Already it’s been fulfilling. We have people posting about the best ways to critique staff members who aren’t performing up to the standards needed, page design and how to properly cover an event using Twitter.

I’ve enjoyed immensely  my time working on this task and hope that it’s beneficial to not just me, but people like me everywhere.



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