That Social Stranger

Aside from the ride on my ego that is, and in light of the fact that I spent a cool three months without access to the Internet, you should feel free to follow the ongoing events on Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t have time for short, timely updates?

-I bought a house. It requires more attention than my hair.

-I live in northern Michigan now. It’s cold, but manageable and the availability of pasties is delightful.

-People don’t talk about Starbucks up here. The closest one is an hour away. No one seems to mind


-I’m terrified of having to buy a couch, horses and snakes. (to clarify, I am buying neither a horse nor a snake — just a couch.)

-My daily commute is about 55 miles shorter than it used to be. I don’t call as many people from the road. They don’t seem to call me either. I wish they would.

-Still, I’m happy.